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 Battle issues / Technical problems

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MessageSujet: Battle issues / Technical problems   Lun 30 Mai - 21:35

This is the topic where you can post your problem(s) about a battle with an other team or others technicals problems which requiring our assistance.

We will try to find the best solution then !

There is the most importants rules about battle issues that you can refer to :


1. Corner Camping

Positioning an army in the corner of a map to take advantage of the red-lines to support your flanks is against the rules.
The criteria for a charge of corner camping would include these three things:

A. In-the-corner positioning of a body of forces to intentionally take advantage of that corner as a defensive mechanism.

B. Proximity of that body of forces to the red-lines, inhibiting out-maneuvering on either flank, meaning both red-lines must be close enough to the troop line to prohibit enemy flanking.

C. A period of over three minutes in that position, without showing signs of an attempt to break the appearance of camping; that would demonstrate that this was a temporary maneuvering error.

2. Drops

-> First drop by a Team, the Battle must be replayed.

-> Second drop by the same Team, the problematic player must be replaced and Battle replayed.

-> Third drop by the same Team will be an automatic loss, and win for the other Team.

Extended Considerations

Obvious Advantage: If a player drops while the other Team has an obvious advantage (as indicated by the battle bar) then the Team with the winning advantage can either choose to replay the Battle, or claim the win. Screenshots or replay must be submitted in order to claim the win.

Slight Advantage: If one Team has only a slight advantage, the Battle is to be replayed with same factions, armies, and conditions. Unless this is the second try at completing the same Battle, and same Team with a slight disadvantage has a drop. The Team with the winning advantage can then either choose to refight the Battle, or claim the win (as above).

3. Inactivity

The lack of effort to arrange and complete Battles before the Match deadline will result in a forfeit of the Match. Administration will evaluate effort according to the activity posted in the Battle Assignment, including evidences of different ways to arrange the battles (captures of Steam chat, etc.).

A technical victory will be awarded to the team which made a greater effort, or both teams could be forfeit, if neither is considered to have done enough.

Only if both teams show enough activity, will an extension be awarded.

4. Bugs and Exploits

It is forbidden to use known bugs or exploits in the game. Intentional use is considered dishonorable behavior, and could cost the entire Clan (all Teams) the privilege to play in this Contest.

The discovering of new bugs or exploits must be publicly communicated. There is no excuse for using an exploit, simply because it was not explicitly forbidden in the Rules.
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Battle issues / Technical problems
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