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Localisation : Montpellier

MessageSujet: Rules   Mer 1 Juin - 11:41


Clans will be held responsible for the behavior of all of their members, with any disrespectful behavior anywhere in our community costing that Clan or the player the privilege to participate in this competition.

We require to all the players always use English as a matter of courtesy and transparency in the negotiation threads.

Knowledge of the content and meaning of the competition regulations is the responsibility of each individual Clan. Please ask for help if there is anything you do not understand, because ignorance of the Rules will be not an excuse


1. This a tournament for Total War Shogun2 in 2vs2 battles, with the classic battles mode. It will consist in 2 phases. The first, will be a 8 groups stage played in a league system, the best 2 teams will proceed to the play-off (1/8 final). The second, by knock out system till the final and the consolation for the 3e place.

2. First Phase:
In each group, there is 4 (or 5) teams 2v2 who all teams must fight between others players.
The meetings takes place in 3 games only. A win gives a point, and a defeat gives 0 points

(Team A) 3-0 (Team B): 3 points for Team A
(Team A) 2-1 (Team B): 2 points for A and 1 for B

The 2 teams with the most points at the end of the meetings go to the next level

In case of a draw in the number of points, the player who finished first the group stage will be placed first (taking into account the time of the post with the last battle result). If none of them has finished, the player with the higher number of battles fought, or if its the same, the player who finished before his last result.

3. Second phase:
In the second phase, the meetings are ELIMINATING: To win over his opponent must win 3 games (so it can be up to 5 parts per game).

4. Teams must use the battle threads created to agree date and time for the battles. If they use another system ( like steam chat) they must post the agreement in the forum.

5. The lack of activity will be penalized with technical lose of the round. In case of severe lack of activity, the players can be penalized with a ban for next edition of the tournament. If you are not active enough better don’t register.

III-Battles rules

1. Battle conditions

- Funds: only 10k
- Unit Size: medium
- Other: Spring, Dry Whether, Afternoon, No Time Limi, No key Building

2. Maps allowed

To be decided by host between:

- Rice Fields
- Wood Settelment
- Alpine Hills
- Daisetsuzan Basin
- Numazawa
- Low Lands
- Aki
- Flood Plains

First Phase
During the group stages, the meetings are in 3 battles:
- First Battle: Team A, which hosts the battle chooses the card
- Second battle: the other team hosts and in turn chooses the card
- last battle: Rice fields

Second Phase
During the next phase which will be eliminated, the first team to host will be the one that has won its pool

3. Factions

Players can't pick the same faction of his teammate, but can take the same faction of his opposent during the battle.

Player 1 from attacking side picks first
Player 1 from defending side picks second
Player 2 from attacking side picks third
Player 2 from defending side picks fourth

Hattori not allowed in the tournament, as not every player has access to this faction.

The same player does not play twice with the same nation during all games with one team

4. Attacker / defender

The team that hosts attack, and the other defends. However, the two teams must advance from the beginning without enough camping in the area of deployment, and away from the red line.

5. Starting Countdown

In the interest of fairness and good sportsmanship, and as a convention of our contest community, we ask that no player click to start the post-deployment countdown into our contest Battles.

The game Host is responsible to ask and confirm that all are ready to begin the Battle, and is the only player authorized in our competitions to start that countdown.

Re-Hosting can be requested should any other player initialize the countdown prematurely, and there is an objection to proceeding as is.

6. Unit Restrictions

No Artillery Allowed : To include Mangonels, Cannons, and Rockets.
Horse Archers: max 2
No use of archer Screens or matchlock Bamboo Walls.

Any other restrictions are left to the Teams to decide. Both Teams must agree to any extra restrictions. If an agreement cannot be reached, then the Contest Administration will appoint a solution.

If a player picks an incorrect unit or faction, and the error is detected before engagement (first kill), the Battle must be rehosted with same factions, deployment areas and armies, and proper corrections. The corrected army must be the most similar possible to the incorrect one.

If the Battle is played with incorrect units or factions, and no one catches the error before engagement, the result will count and it cannot be accepted or used in future allegations.

7. Screenshots

Victory should be taken by the screenshot, but the good spirit of the two opponents does not take them


Si vis pacem, para bellum
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Messages : 2113
Localisation : Montpellier

MessageSujet: Re: Rules   Ven 17 Juin - 18:12

Change made: Samurais matchlocks: max 2


Si vis pacem, para bellum
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Messages : 2113
Localisation : Montpellier

MessageSujet: Re: Rules   Ven 17 Juin - 18:46

New change suggested: Experience of units: banned


Si vis pacem, para bellum
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MessageSujet: Re: Rules   

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